Vintage Ways In A Digital Age – Why Sending Mail Still Matters

Now more than ever, we live in a digital age. With solutions like email and social media messengers, our ways of communication have changed throughout the years. Remember the days of writing notes in class and calling friends on landlines? Technology has turned communication on its head – these days it seems to be all Snapchats and Zoom calls. Though we have seen an immense amount of change through technology, physical mail remains tried and true. We’re here to remind you why sending physical mail still matters. 


Let’s Look At The Numbers


Did you know – 92% of all businesses still send physical mail regularly, and 80% of this is First Class mail. Monthly mail volume averages 31 letters a month for companies with 10-100 employees and 12 letters a month for companies with 1-10 employees. While larger firms are more likely to use postage meters, many smaller firms are more inclined to use stamps. Letter content is typically 20% correspondence, 60% transactional, and 20% marketing. Whether your company is big or small, mail still plays a large part in the rhythm of your business.


The Purpose Behind Mail Today

It turns out mom was always right – sending your Aunt Suzy a hand-written note DOES add a personal touch – and the same goes for your business mail. Even today, sending mail is considered essential to maintaining good customer relationships. It makes sense, seeing as it is personal, formal and confidential. Whether you are marketing the launch of a new item or simply raising brand awareness in your community, sending mail is a trustworthy way to get your message out. With no worries of beating an algorithm or capturing digital attention, physical mail reaches your audience directly, every time. Along with being an essential marketing tool, the mail is necessary for getting paid and addressing legal and regulatory responsibilities.


What Are The Pain Points?

We’ve covered why mail still matters, yet we know it’s a constant cause for stress within a business. The top pain points related to sending mail directly fall under time consumption and financial burden. Obviously constructing a carefully thought-out letter, gathering paper supplies, traveling to the post office, waiting in long lines, and paying postage is way more complicated than quickly shooting over an email. At Switch, we believe you should be able to send mail easily and maintain that personal touch.


It’s Time To Make The Switch


Considering the clear necessity for the direct mailing process, along with the pain points associated, we decided something needed to change. That’s why we created an alternative option for sending mail physically! With Switch, you can send your physical mail virtually with the click of a button. With a simple four-step process, you can cut out the long lines and get back to what you love. Our system even catches typos to ensure deliverability with address correction. Once you upload your document, add the address, and customize to your liking, you can simply press send and relax – We’ve got it from here! Our completely automated process prints prepare and transfer the mail to USPS for safe and secure delivery. How you spend your extra time is up to you – we’re just responsible for saving it.


Merging The Digital Age With A Timeless Paper Trail


With Switch, our process is the perfect mixture of vintage and modern. Maintain the personal touch, formality, and confidentiality of sending physical mail, while enjoying the ease of the digital age. We believe you CAN have the best of both worlds. See for yo