Real Estate Professionals understand the value and importance of certified mail. It’s incredibly important in this industry to know when mail was sent and when it was delivered, you never know when proof of receipt will be needed. For example, in certain states a contract can be canceled if not received in a certain amount of time, certified mail allows you to show that the contract was in fact sent and received. 

Certified mail is great for real estate professionals because it gives them peace of mind when sending contracts, purchase summaries, proof of funds or any other documents in which they need to ensure delivery. You may even want to use certified mail as backup to email or fax, sending hard copies of the documents to ensure that you are covered. 

While certified mail is important, the process of sending certified mail has been a pain. Real Estate professionals have turned to Switch to send their certified mail because it is secure, easy and allows them to never have to go to the Post Office or deal with Green Cards. With Switch, you can electronically receive Proof of Delivery, which is uploaded into your dashboard automatically and is legally equivalent to physical Green Cards. This eliminates the wait and need to find old Green Cards. 

With no subscription, mail preparation elimination, and a pay as you go model, it’s no wonder Real Estate professionals have been turning to Switch more and more for their certified mail needs.