Various documents require trackable notices such as notices to suspend services, debt collection, changes to retirement plans, and for financial advisors changes in fees.

Finance professionals understand the value and importance of certified mail. It’s incredibly important when dealing with sensitive financial information that you ensure your mail is delivered. Documents such as debt collection notices, changes to retirement plans, financial advisor fee changes, and notices to suspend services all need to be trackable and have proof they were delivered. This is why certified mail plays such a big role in the mail volume sent by Finance professionals. 

While certified mail is important, the process of sending certified mail is incredibly cumbersome. Typically you have to go to the Post Office, fill out a Green Card, wait in line, send your mail then wait for the Green Card to be returned to you. This is the old way of sending certified mail and luckily there are companies like Switch modernizing this process. 

Finance professionals who are looking to save time and money choose to send certified mail with Switch. They choose Switch because it’s easy, secure and eliminates both mail preparation and trips to the Post Office. Being able to send certified  mail directly from the office is a game changer for this industry. 

With no new software, postage meters or subscription, it’s a no brainer why finance professionals are turning to Switch.