Sending certain documents using Certified Mail is important for banks and other financial institutions, especially when it comes to repossessing collateral on delinquent loans. From home foreclosures to cars to other property, establishing a reliable paper trail with Certified Mail lays the legal groundwork for taking back the underlying asset.

But the process of sending Certified Mail the old fashioned way is a hassle; it’s labor intensive and inefficient, requiring manual packaging, tracking, and records management which are prone to human error.

With today’s modern online mail solutions, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. For example, with Switch, you can electronically receive Proof of Delivery, which is uploaded into your dashboard automatically and is legally equivalent to physical Green Cards. This eliminates the wait and need to find old Green Cards. 


Quick & Easy Preparation:

With Switch’s online platform, you can simply upload your business contacts and necessary documents and send mail with just a few clicks. Select printing and mailing options, like size and Certified Mail®, then just hit send! No more manual labor!

Kiss Trips to the Post Office Goodbye

Switch offers advanced tracking and electronic return receipts for Certified Mail. This is important evidence that is accepted by the IRS, state tax authorities and courts as the legal equivalent to the Green Card, in electronic or printed format. 

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Many banks and financial institutions use Switch to automate and streamline their Certified Mail needs while reducing costs and saving time. To learn more, visit our “How it works” page or create a free account and experience our cutting edge product for yourself!