No one can predict the future of the mailing industry but we can all make educated guesses and assumptions based on trends that are occurring in the present day. Some things we are starting to see are physical mail is declining, parcels are increasing and digital outreach is a much more cost effective way to communicate, for now that is.  However, we are starting to see that the email inbox is becoming the “digital junk drawer” for most consumers. People are overwhelmed by the amount of email they receive, most of it not important. We’ve seen that gmail has tried to help consumers manage their email load by creating different inbox tabs (promotions, updates, etc). 

I’m not sure if we’ve reached email exhaustion or not only time will tell. I think the true learning from the past year is that email is not dead, physical mail is not dead but the two instead can work together.

Not all customers and business contacts like to be communicated to in the same way. Some prefer only digital communication while others tend to lean towards physical mail. By incorporating both strategies into your marketing or business outreach efforts you are able to ensure that no matter what your audience prefers, you are able to reach them. 

Outreach should grasp your customer’s attention (whether digital or physical), be relevant and speak to them. Think bright colors, witty copy and other tactics that will make you stand out amongst the vast amounts of other communication customers receive daily.  

However you choose to communicate with your customers, make sure you are using a variety of options, testing various tactics and most of all communicating to them in a way that they choose.