USPS Postage Online

No More Post Office Trips

Eliminate stamps and other U.S. Postage needs

Ready to bring the Post Office to you? Whether your team is working from home or the office Switch is your 24/7 Post Office. Simply upload your document(s), enter your sending details, hit send and Switch will handle the rest. Switch’s secure printing facility handles the printing, stuffing, stamping and sending of your mail. Say goodbye to the Post Office and mailing supplies.

No software, monthly fees, or postage meters

Switch requires no training, no software added to your computer and best of all no postage meters.

Save time and money with Switch

When you think about the time it takes to prepare mail, time spent driving to the Post Office, gas costs, postage meter monthly fees and maintenance cost and the cost of postage supplies, it’s a no brainer that making the switch to Switch will save your team time and money. You can check out our Pricing Calculator to learn more.

Why Choose Switch over the Post Office or Competitors:

Here is why Switch beats going to the Post Office and other mailing solutions:

  • Send certified mail directly from your computer
  • Upload your address book for quicker sending
  • Send the same document to multiple recipients quickly & easily
  • Free USPS address verification and correction
  • No need to manage postage supplies
  • Unlimited number of users

Sign up today, start sending right away

Looking to send physical mail without all of the hassles? Make the Switch for free today.