Find A USPS Near Me

USPS Locations Near Me

Usually a trip to USPS starts with a search for “USPS near me” or “US Post Office near me”. After this search, Google will show you the closest location and directions to that location. Once you have the closest location you’ll have to check the hours they are open, how long it will take you to get there and the time you’ll spend waiting in line. Have you ever thought how outdated this process is? There are alternatives to this process that don’t require you to print postage, drive to the Post Office or wait in line.

Send Mail Without Having To Go To the Post Office

With Switch, you can eliminate trips to the Post Office. Simply upload your document(s) directly from your computer, input your sending details and let Switch handle the rest. That’s right, our secure facility takes care of the printing, stuffing, stamping and sending of your mail.

The best part? You don’t need to print stamps, manage postage supplies, pay a monthly fee or pay for the cost and maintenance of postage meters.

Why Choose Switch over the Post Office or Competitors:
  • Unlimited Users: Invite your whole team to Switch and easily manage your mail mailing activities all from one account and dashboard
  • Free USPS Address Verification & Correction
  • Send one document to multiple recipients
  • Import your business contacts for quicker sending
  • Save and manage mailing lists
  • Pay with Paypal, credit or debit cards
  • No need to managing mailing supplies, postage meters or printers

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