In late June, the United States Postal Service announced that they will be upgrading their service standards for two products: USPS Retail Ground and Parcel Select Ground. These changes will take effect on August 1st, 2022. Currently, these two products have service standards of 2 to 8 days. After the changes take effect, the service standards will improve to 2 to 5 days. These increased speeds will also not cost any extra. Packages that contain hazardous materials or live animals are not eligible for this increased service.

Both of these products are economical ground shipping options. Retail Ground is for packages, thick envelopes, and tubes with a max weight of 70 pounds and contain items; these are items that do not need to be shipped using First-Class Mail. Parcel Select Ground is a very similar service but for business customers and commercial shippers. The reason the USPS is increasing the service standards for these two products is to bring them in line with First-Class Package Service, or FCPS, standard within the contiguous 48 states. The ability to process all 3 package types together will improve customer service and increase efficiency for the USPS’s processing and transportation networks. Offering faster, affordable delivery options for both retail and commercial customers aligns with the USPS’s goals of better serving America’s mail and package needs.

In March 2022, the USPS filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission to request an advisory opinion on the changes that they proposed to both services. And in June, the Commission declared that the changes will benefit mail senders and provide public benefit. They also requested that the USPS carefully monitor how the changes impact service so that the proposed changes achieve their intended effect. These changes continue to support the USPS’s efforts outlined in the Delivering for America 10-year plan.