Benefits of Sending Certified Mail Online

Benefits of Sending Certified Mail Online

What Is Certified Mail?

Certified mail is a service provided by the USPS that provides the sender with a mailing receipt that confirms their mail was delivered or that a delivery attempt was made.

What Is Certified Mail

Who Sends Certified Mail

Any person or business who needs to ensure delivery or maintain a delivery receipt for their record will oftentimes choose to send certain documents via Certified Mails. Oftentimes lawyers, real estate agents, accounts and those in finance will send customer communications and correspondence via Certified Mail.

Benefits Of Sending Certified Mail Online

  • Extra layer of accountability
    Know when your mail was delivered.
  • Proof of mailing and delivery
    Perfect for regulatory or compliance requirements.
  • Makes mail prep easier
    Save time and money.
  • Offers advanced tracking
    Track your mail directly from your desktop.
How To Send Certified Mail From Switch

How To Send Certified Mail From Switch

  • Import your recipient’s address or fill them in manually.
  • Select the recipients.
  • Upload your documents, select Certified Mail & hit send.