USPS Address Verification

USPS Address Verification & Cleansing

What is addresses verification & cleansing:

Address cleansing & verification helps to ensure that your delivery address is formatted to U.S. Postal Service’s preferred specifications. If your recipient address has typos or incorrect information then your mail may be undeliverable and returned to you. This wastes your time, money and postage.

How addresses verification & cleansing Works

Your shipping address is checked and verified against the USPS database. If any discrepancies are noticed the software will recommend the USPS-approved address.

Benefits of addresses verification & cleansing

Address cleansing & verification saves your business time and money by helping to ensure your mail is delivered to the right address the first time. If mail is returned this can delay payments or the delivery of important documents. Not to mention returned mail increases your mail sending costs. You’ll have to use more postage supplies, spend time going to the Post Office again and the time spent waiting for it to be delivered.

Switch Automatically Verifies & Cleanses Your Addresses

Switch offers free address verification and cleansing within our app. Our systems are connected with USPS and the recommended address changes we provide come directly from USPS. By recommending address adjustments before your mail is sent, Switch is helping to ensure your mail gets where it needs to go quickly without any unnecessary extra costs.

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