Businesses looking for ways to run their operations more efficiently would be wise to transition from a manual mail process to Switch online mail for sending out correspondence to clients and prospects. Here is a summary of the various reasons why Switch allows companies to become more productive and better organized.


7 ways Switch will enhance your company’s productivity

  • No more post office trips: Avoid trips to the post office. Switch lets you send mail through the US Postal Service (USPS) directly from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Send mail 24/7: No more having to plan your trips to the post office based on their hours of operation. With Switch you can send mail whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Eliminate mail preparation time: No more printing, sorting, stuffing or stamping of your First Class or Certified Mail pieces–Switch does it all for you.
  • Automate mail sending: Send mail in minutes by automating your mail processing workflows and reducing the amount of human involvement required. Just integrate your system’s database with the Switch API (application program interface).
  • Manage and send Certified Mail faster: Certified Mail is a very labor intensive undertaking but when you send it using Switch there are no labels or green cards to manage. Plus, by using digital signatures tracking when your Certified Mail was delivered or received is easier.
  • Send Batch Mail: Have to send the same document to multiple recipients? With Switch you can avoid having to print, stuff and stamp hundreds of envelopes by using our Batch Mail feature. Just upload your document, select your mailing list and hit send. Your document will be mailed to everyone in less than 5 minutes.
  • Integrates with 5,000+ apps: Connect Switch with thousands of the most popular apps (like Google Drive, MailChimp and Hubspot), so you can automate your workflows and gain more time to focus on the tasks that matter most.


4 ways Switch will make your company better organized

  • Pay the correct postal rate: Postal rates can change throughout the year. Pay too little and your mail will get returned and have to be re-sent costing you additional postage. Pay too much, and you’re needlessly taking away from your bottom line. The Switch mailing platform automatically updates postal rates ensuring you always pay the correct amount.
  • Avoid the cost of wrong addresses: A misspelling or a wrong number on an address will lead to mail being returned and having to be re-sent, adding more costs. With Switch, our software analyzes your mailing list against the USPS database and identifies if any addresses are wrong so you can correct them before you send out your mail pieces.
  • Eliminate human error: Human error is a big cause of mailing inefficiency and unforeseen costs. With Switch, your employees never have to address an envelope. Instead, you upload your contacts and their addresses to our platform once and then our software verifies that everything is correct.
  • Mail tracking and reporting: Use Switch and the platforms activity dashboard will keep track of your mail delivery status and expenses.


Give your business a boost by using Switch to send your mail

Get more sales is generally the first solution that comes to mind when companies ask themselves, “How can we increase our profits?” However, don’t overlook the revenue generating potential that can be realized by making your company more productive and better organized. Moving from a manual mail process to an online one like Switch is an example of a simple change you can make, that will immediately pay dividends to your operation and bottom line.