When standing at the Post Office, you might be overwhelmed with the different types and ways you can send mail. Two types of mail service provided by the Post Office that some may confuse are Certified Mail and Registered Mail. 

Certified Mail is a special service offered by the Post Office that provides the sender proof of delivery with either a Green Card (hard copy) or an electronic receipt showing the mail was delivered and signed for.  Certified mail can be sent along with regular mail, it’s more expensive than regular mail and it is also not insured. If you want to send your Certified Mail faster or ensure it then you will have to pay extra. Typically Certified Mail is used for documents that require a return receipt or proof of delivery, think government mail, business documents, invoices, financial or legal documents and other important mail. 

Registered mail is another type of mail service offered by the Post Office that provides a detailed record of the letter, packet or other document’s location as it is transferred from one location to another. Registered mail is affixed with barcode labels enabling the send to track their shipment online. 

Unlike Certified Mail which is sent with regular mail, Registered mail is sent separately and usually takes longer to arrive. Due to the extra tracking, Registered Mail was more expensive and is typically used to send valuables and important documents since it’s a more secure type of mail. Another major difference between Certified Mail and Registered Mail is that Registered Mail is automatically insured for $25,000. 

Overall, if you are determining whether to go with Certified Mail or Registered Mail you must consider the item you are sending. If you need the item to be insured and want step by step tracking then you should go with Registered Mail. If the item is not incredibly valuable but you need proof it was delivered then Certified Mail could be right for you.