Why We Created Switch?

Switch was created to solve a problem for SMBs; sending physical mail. SMBs talked and Switch listened.  Switch has solved some of the biggest pain points that SMBs have when it comes to sending mail:

  • Cost: Switch does not require a subscription or the leasing of postage meters. You do not need to maintain any postage related supplies. With Switch you pay as you go, we eliminate all the excess fees that come with other mailing solutions. 
  • Time: No more trips to the post office. You can upload documents directly from your computer and mail anytime, anywhere. 
  • Security: Switch uses a high level of security, meaning only the sender and recipient see the contents of your mail.
  • Learning Curve: You don’t need to learn a new software to send mail. As long as you can upload a document, you can use Switch. 


Row of mailboxes


Who’s Using Switch? 

While Switch is available to everyone who is looking to mail physical documents online we’ve found there are a few types of people who love our service.  

  • Law Firms: Send those legal documents, contracts and invoices without leaving the office
  • Financial Consultants: Send financial documents and invoices to your clients with ease
  • Construction: Send quotes and invoices with ease 
  • Health Care: With our secure and confidential solution you can rest assured when sending your mail via Switch
  • Property management/Real estate: Get contracts and invoices out faster

What People Are Sending?

Switch is the perfect solution to sending your physical documents online without ever having to leave the office or the house. Small businesses use Switch to send their important documents such as: 

  • Invoices: Make sure you get paid for your services 
  • Statements and Notices
  • Legal Documents & Contracts
  • General Correspondence Letters
  • Account Statements  
  • Marketing and Sales Documents (quotes, promotions, welcome letters)
  • Business Documentation


When People Are Using Switch? 

The beauty of Switch is that you can send mail anytime, anywhere. While you may only be able to go to the Post Office during certain times, Switch is always open.  With the ability to upload documents directly from your computer or mobile phone you can get your letter out the door no matter what time you remember to send it.


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