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Postal Product Offerings

Send First Class and Certified Mail Online with the ability to print Priority Mail labels.

First Class Mail

We print and send

Certified Mail

We print and send

Priority Mail Labels

You print and send

Reduce Mail Preparation Time

Automate your mail sending process or mail many letters at once with Switch.

Mail Many Letters

Send your letters to multiple recipients all at once

Switch API & Zapier Integration

Automate your printing and mailing processes

How We Compare to

All Features Switch Mail Stamps.Com
Remote office friendly
No hidden fees and subscription costs
No time wasted preparing mail
No long lines at the Post Office
No time wasted purchasing stamps
No travel time to a USPS mail drop point
No running out of supplies
No training required
No maintenance required
No hardware required (meter, scale, printer…)
No need to wait for any mailing equipment to be delivered
No multiple accounts. One account for your whole team
No time wasted when mailing in batch. Send one document to many recipients in one shot.
Address Book Management
Why Switch

Save mail preparation time & eliminate trips to the post office

No Subscription

There is no monthly subscription, no yearly rental, no lease contracts, no set-up fees.

No More Post Office Trips

Send mail directly from your desk and avoid post office lines.

Eliminate Mail Preparation Time

No more printing, sorting, stuffing, stamping your mail.


Our printing facility uses a secure, confidential and completely automated process.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Our mailing process uses secure data encryption technology and is completely automated with no human interaction.

Tracking & Reporting

Keep track of mail delivery and expenses in one place.

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