The cost of sending mail adds up for a small business. You have to stock up on ink, paper for printing, and mailing supplies such as envelopes, tape and stamps. Oftentimes you may even find yourself renting a postage meter, which comes with additional costs such as maintenance.  

One cost associated with mail that businesses don’t always account for is returned mail. Not only does returned mail cost you money, since you’ve paid for the postage, but it can also create other business complications. Returned mail may lead to late payments, late invoices and delays in important documents being received. So preventing returned mail is not only a cost saver for your business but it also saves you time and future headaches. 

You might be wondering how you can cut down on returned mail. The answer is simple, USPS address verification and correct. With USPS address verification and correction your sending address is validated and corrected (if necessary) to help ensure delivery.  Switch offers free USPS address verification and correction to help ensure that your mail gets where it needs to go.  Switch not only wants to cut down on the time you spend sending mail but also anytime you may have to spend because of mail deliverability issues. 


Make the Switch today and save your business time and money.