As the world starts to return to normal after the pandemic, one thing that is forever changed is the way we work. 

Some companies and organizations have remained 100% remote while others have officially adopted a hybrid model where employees are spending a portion of their week working in the office and portion of it working from home.

For either of these models to succeed, companies and organizations that produce and send large batches of invoices, estimates, statements and letters need a flexible mailing solution.

Switch online mailing is just the answer.

With Switch the ‘mail room’ goes with you

Switch is a web mailing service that allows you to send mail from your web browser to any US domestic address.

In other words, Switch lets you send mail no matter where you happen to be working that day.

Switch prints your mail piece, addresses and stuffs the envelope, applies the postage, and then sends the mail piece via USPS.

How Switch works

The developers of Switch put a lot of time and energy into ensuring the application was simple to set up and use. In less than 5 minutes, you can be ready to send your first letter.

Step 1: Set up an account and invite your team members. Each team member will have their own login, but your mail, costs and address book will be accessible and managed in one account.

Step 2: Import an excel file of your business contacts. Switch will even verify the accuracy of the addresses.

Step 3: Send mail. Just upload your document(s), enter the sender and recipient address(es), select your printing and mailing options, and hit ‘Send.’

Step 4: Manage your mailing activities. With the Switch dashboard you can track the delivery status of your mail, add funds to your company account, pay by credit card or PayPal™, and save and manage your mailing lists.


Switch eliminates mailing hassles too

Switch removes all the hassles that are typically associated with sending mail. 

This means you no longer have to manage mailing supplies; deal with postage meters; print, sort, and stuff envelopes; or make trips to the Post Office.

And there’s no monthly subscription, no yearly rental, no lease contracts, and no sign-up fees. 

With Switch your account is free. You only pay when you send a piece of mail. See Switch pricing.

Switch is secure and confidential

Switch’s mail preparation process is completely automated with no document storage on their servers, so your mail remains private. 

The latest and most secure data encryption technology is also used so your documents remain confidential and your payments are completely secure.

Switch is the solution for today’s remote work environment

Post pandemic, employees want and expect to be able to work remotely. 

Going forward, businesses and organizations that want to retain and attract the best people, must provide a flexible work environment that accommodates employees’ wishes.

But at the same time, business and organizations must be able to maintain a high level of execution when they produce and send large batches of invoices, estimates, statements, and letters.

With Switch online mailing, they have a simple, affordable solution that has proven to allow companies and organizations to do both successfully.