Switch Blog: Product Features

Ready to learn a bit more about Switch? Learning a new product can sometimes be intimidating but that’s why we created Switch. As long as you can upload a document and type in an address, you will be able to use Switch. While we think everything about Switch is great, we wanted to share a bit more about some of our favorite product features.  

  1. Switch can handle multiple document formats including DOCX, PDF or a combination of both. You’ll also be able to review and preview your documents prior to hitting send.
  2. Our system catches typos in the sender or recipient address to ensure that your documents get where they need to go.
  3. Prior to sending your letter you can personalize your mail by choosing your print color, envelope size and single or double sided pages. The best part is as you customize your document you will see real time price adjustments.
  4. With high levels of security and the ability to send your documents from anywhere you can rest easy that Switch has you covered. Sit back and relax while we handle your mail.

Want to know a secret? This is just the beginning for Switch. We have some great new features we are looking forward to releasing it soon. To be the first to hear about these new features, sign-up for Switch today.