Certified mail can play a critical role for accounts receivable departments when it comes to resolving debts owed. For a small fee you can send a notice of monies owed via certified mail and potentially prevent having to use a debt collecting service that will cost you more money.  Being able to collect on the debt owed yourself instead of relying on a third party means you save your company time and money. 

What prevents most accounts receivable departments from sending certified mail is that it has traditionally been an incredibly cumbersome task. You have to go to the Post Office, fill out the Green Cards, stand in line and then wait for the Green Card to be returned to you.  Luckily, there are much better alternatives that allow you to send Certified Mail online. Todays’ modern online solutions free up your time so you don’t have to do any of the manual process that is typically required of certified mail.  With Switch you can electronically send certified mail  and receive Proof of Delivery all within your Switch dashboard.  

Switch has no subscription, eliminates trips to the Post Office,  eliminates mail preparation time and makes sending certified mail easy.