The United States Postal Service offers a huge selection of ways to send mail, including First Class Mail, Priority Mail, Certified Mail, Priority Mail Express, and more. Unfortunately, at first glance it is hard to tell the difference between them, with names that are similar and don’t provide much information on what they are. But we’re here to help; in this post, we’ll explain the differences between Priority Mail and Certified Mail.


What is Priority Mail?

No weighing or math is necessary when using Priority Mail to send your letter bundles; the cost is one fixed amount. Similar to First Class, recipients can receive this mail in three days, while Priority Mail has the potential to arrive the same day. One advantage of Priority Mail is that for an additional fee, you’ll receive a return receipt proving the receiver actually received the mail. Therefore, Priority Mail would be the best alternative if you have a large parcel to mail and would prefer the option of a signature confirmation.

What is Priority Mail Express?

Think about subscribing for Priority Mail Express if you want to increase the likelihood that your mail will arrive fast. With a few exceptions, Priority Mail Express offers enhanced service ensures overnight delivery to the majority of US addresses every day of the year. You are entitled to a full refund if your package cannot be delivered overnight. Additionally, Priority Mail Express includes free carrier insurance and signature confirmation.


What is Certified Mail?

The major difference between Priority Mail and Certified Mail is that Certified Mail is an add-on; you pay extra to send certified mail. This is another approach to make sure the recipients receive it. For a modest fee, both First Class and Priority Mail recipients can choose this option. Customers of this service must sign for their mail. You then receive a mailing receipt, which is useful and occasionally even necessary for essential documents, as proof that they received it. Certified Mail is preferred when sending important documents for legal reasons when you need to retain proof that the mail was actually received by the intended recipient. You should be aware that although Certified Mail is shipped along with other mail, it often does not reach any sooner than First Class or Priority packages and letters.


How can Switch help?

With Switch, you can send Priority Mail as well as Certified Mail online. With just a few clicks, you can import addresses, upload documents, and hit send; Switch will take care of the rest, including verifying the address to ensure the mail is not returned to sender. Try it out today for free!