If you’ve ever mailed a letter, you’re familiar with stamps. They are the building block of all mail; the small, square symbols that show that you have paid the postage to send your letter. There are tons of beautiful stamps, you can even purchase custom ones! While this may be fun for sending a letter here or there, when you’re running a business stamps can quickly become a major hassle and nuisance.

You can buy stamps from many places: the Post Office, mail stores, drug stores, and more. They come in sheets, coils, and booklets and can be purchased in different denominations. They come in set prices or you can purchase Forever stamps, which are still valid to send mail even when the United States Postal Service increases their postage rates (which happens more frequently than you think, especially with recent inflation!). Stamps can be easy and economical when you are sending mail for personal reasons, and it’s easy to mail them since most USPS workers will actually collect it directly from the mailbox at your house. You don’t have to take it to the Post Office yourself.

However, sending business mail is an entirely different situation. When you’re sending hundreds or thousands of pieces of mail per day, it requires logistics and manpower. You not only have to accurately forecast how much mail you need to send in order to purchase the right number of stamps, but you need to have people physically stuffing envelopes, addressing them, licking them shut, and applying stamps manually. This is a tedious and burdensome process, and simply not efficient in today’s modern age! When you’re done prepping all the envelopes, then you have to physically take them to the post office or to a collection box and drop them off, which wastes even more valuable time.

But wait! There is a better way to send mail, and that’s online! With an online mail solution like Switch, you never have to think about stamps again. Forget the upfront costs of purchasing stamps in bulk. Forget the wasted time when you run out of stamps and have to run to buy more last minute. Forget the hours of lost productivity that you or your employees endure to send mail the old fashioned way. Forget the traffic to get to the Post Office and the lines once you get there.

With Switch, you can take care of all your business mailing needs online! Switch has a user-friendly dashboard packed with tons of useful features, such as bulk mailing, saved addresses, multi-user access, and secure authentication. Best of all, you never have to touch another piece of mail again. Whether you’re sending a one off letter or you’re mailing hundreds of letters a day, Switch makes it easy to automate it and focus on more important things, like running your business. Upload your documents, enter your recipient information or select it from your contact list, and hit send! Switch takes care of everything else.

Want to see how easy it can be? Sign up for Switch, completely free, and start sending mail online today