Don’t Be Fooled By Postage Meters

Is your small business in the market for or thinking about renting a postage meter? Before you make a decision make sure you understand the full cost of owning a postage meter.

Hidden Costs Of Postage Meters

  1. Postage meter ink cartridges cost a lot more than standard inkjet cartridges
  2. Automatic annual price increases from postage meter companies
  3. Your meter contract may not include fees linked to USPS postage rates changes
  4. Reset Fees: You may incur a charge for refilling your meter
  5. Charges for a company logo or seasonal images
  6. Extra telephone lines to connect your meter
  7. Equipment insurance and maintenance agreements
  8. Property tax or “return-to-inventory” fees

Why Use Switch Instead

Save mail preparation time & eliminate trips to the post office

Switch is pay as you go. No monthly subscription fees and no 3 year rental contracts.

Eliminate mail preparation by letting Switch handle the printing and stuffing of your mail.

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Annual Cost of Switch vs. Annual Cost Of A Postage Meter

* (20 letters * 12 months *$1.54 per letter)

Top Reasons Small Businesses Should Choose Switch Over Postage Meters

Postage meters are 3-5 year commitments and come with numerous costs. Using Switch means you’ll save time, money and not be tied to a multi-year contract.

  • Eliminate time spent preparing and sending mail
  • Avoid trips to the Post Office
  • No hardware maintenance
  • No supplies costs
  • Save office space by sending mail from your computer

Frequently Asked Questions

Postage meter rates vary depending on the type of meter and volume of mail but the rental rates typically start at around $20 per month. This starting fee is usually for the most basic machines and pricing per month can be over $1,000 per month. While rental fees are one cost associated with postage meters, you also need to account for extra costs such as ink, paper and maintenance.
The meter stamp must bear the current date in order to be utilized. If the postage has a previous date, the meter stamp is considered stale. This means that you must update your meter date daily and mail must be metered with the actual date of mailing.
Postage meters print postage directly onto your mail or print directly onto meter tape which you then affix to your mail. It’s important that mail sent with a postage meter has the actual date of mailing.
Postage meters are postage printing machines. These machines are leased by authorized providers to be used at home or within an office. Postage meters will print postage directly onto your mailpieces or onto meter tape, which you affix to your mail.

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