It doesn’t matter what type of business or organization you’re running, if you’re using a manual mailing process, you’re dealing with challenges that are costing you time, resources, and money.

Look at this list? See how many of these manual mailing challenges hit home for you.

  • Do mailings you need to send out end up stacked on a desk corner because no one has the time to run over to the post office?
  • Are you tired of the amount of time it takes to manually send out bulk mailings?
  • Are too many important mailings getting returned because they were incorrectly addressed?
  • Is cash flow being impacted because your invoices are not being mailed out right away?
  • Are you unsure of which mailings have been sent out and which ones have not?


Why the Switch API is the simple solution

An API (Application Program Interface) allows different systems, applications and platforms to connect and share information. This allows them to send and receive data from one another.

By implementing the Switch API with your organization’s database, you’ll be able to automate many aspects of your mail sending process, eliminate manual mailing challenges, and enjoy a number of business-enhancing benefits.

The benefits of implementing the Switch API

  • Avoid delays

Don’t let your outgoing mail sit around waiting to be sent. By implementing the Switch API, you can set up a rule that automatically triggers mailings to be sent out electronically.

  • Gain time

A bulk mailing is an efficient and effective way to send a generic message to a broad audience, but you still need to address each individual piece. With the Switch API in place the whole process can be automated because it connects the Switch bulk mailing feature to your customer database.

  • Prevent costly mistakes

When a piece of mail is addressed incorrectly, it gets returned and has to be readdressed and sent out again, which increases your mailing costs. With the Switch API in place, you can set up a rule to have the address of each piece verified against the United States Postal Service’s postal address database. If an address is incorrect, the Switch API will send you an alert so you can correct the address before the piece goes out.

  • Boost cash flow

Delays in getting invoices out to customers is one of the reasons why many organizations run into cash flow issues. The longer it takes to send out an invoice, the longer it takes to receive payment. Integrate the Switch API into your mailing process and you can ensure invoices are automatically mailed out electronically as soon as they are created.

  • Stay in the know

Want to know when an introductory marketing piece has been mailed to a new prospect? When a legal document has been sent to a client? Or when a client has been issued their final invoice so you can close the project? With the Switch API, as soon as any of the above actions has been completed, a confirmation message can be automatically sent to you via email or a messaging platform of your choice.


Make the challenges of manual mail a thing of the past

If you’re operating a business or organization there will always be challenges but if you implement the Switch API into your system, you’ll be able to automate manual mail processes and eliminate many challenges that are costing you time, resources, and money. Learn more about the Switch API here.