Many would think the world has gone completely virtual – especially for millennials. With applications like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger and more, there are various ways we can now communicate with one another outside of written word. 

Surprisingly enough, sending direct mail is still alive and well – even with millennials. There have been multiple stereotypes placed on Generation Y. They’re made out to be flakey, lazy, dependent, and entitled. These stereotypes are just that – stereotypes. Most millennials are actually known as change makers, pushing for a positive future and a brighter tomorrow. We think it’s time to break the stereotypes placed on millennials – starting with their mailing habits! Read along as we explain exactly how direct mail is still thriving throughout the generations. 

Research shows millennials trust mail over digital communication

While one might argue that millennials would find direct mail marketing disingenuous and annoying, studies actually show that there is more trust in mail communication than there is in digital communication. This makes sense, considering the lack of privacy that comes with digital communication. Companies can track email engagement, website traffic, and much more, leaving little mystery between them and their users. Pretty much every click you make is accounted for. It’s been noted that millennials appreciate the simplicity and privacy that comes with direct mail communication. With this in mind, a good practice would be to align your direct mail marketing and digital marketing, to cover both bases when targeting millennials. 

Millennials still engage with direct mail

When considering targeting millennials, most people would assume to push digital strategy. While this is a necessary medium, direct mail has been seen as another triumphant tool for reaching this generation. Physical ads are successful across generations, creating lasting effects on multiple age demographics. Offering multiple channels in which your audience can interact with your brand will only create more opportunity for leads. While creating a strong digital presence is vital, adding in physical advertisements contributes to your accessibility. 

Print is alive among millennials

Contrary to popular belief, millennials do still interact with paper materials. Due to an influx of digital media in the lives of millennials, many are suffering from digital fatigue. This has caused many millennials to default to old school forms of consuming media – from vinyl records to print books. Most millennials have trained their eyes to avoid digital advertisement, and the flood of email marketing campaigns sent to their inboxes often go unnoticed. The healthy pacing that comes with direct mail marketing creates more of a trust factor with millennials, making them less likely to ignore the message. Studies show that direct mail marketing still creates a lasting impression on millennials, and even drive them to make purchases in-store. With this information in mind, creating direct mail advertisements with millennials in mind would most likely lead to a successful sale. 

Despite the significant growth we’ve seen in the digital world, direct mail remains a relevant way to reach those young and old. At Switch, we offer the ease of sending mail virtually while maintaining the personal aspect of physical mail. Sign up and start sending mail the simple way today!