The easiest way to securely send legal documents online

Switch eliminates mail preparation and trips to the Post Office for Law Firms while providing full post office tracking in an easy to use dashboard. Leave the postage meter, stamps, and mailing supplies behind. USPS Certified Mail and First Class Mail at your fingertips.
Upload your legal documents confidently & securely
Our secure facility prints and puts your mail in the envelope
We ensure your mail is delivered to the right address

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Why Switch

Why Mail Legal Documents With Switch™?

No Subscription

There is no monthly subscription, no yearly rental, no lease contracts, no set-up fees.

No More Post Office Trips

Send mail directly from your desk and avoid post office lines.

Eliminate Mail Preparation Time

No more printing, sorting, stuffing, stamping your mail.


Our printing facility uses a secure, confidential and completely automated process.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Our mailing process uses secure data encryption technology and is completely automated with no human interaction.

Tracking & Reporting

Keep track of mail delivery and expenses in one place.

USPS Certified Mail & Law Firms

At Switch we understand that certified mail is a way for law firms to meet statutory requirements for Proof of Delivery of important documents.

Traditionally, this meant that law firms had to prepare their certified mail, go to the Post Office, fill out Green Cards and wait for the USPS Green Card to be returned to know the mail had been delivered.

This manual process is extremely inefficient and costly, in today’s competitive environment, giving your law firm an edge is important.

Switch has eliminated all the hassle of certified mail by creating a solution that allows law firms to quickly send legal documents via USPS certified mail online.

After uploading your documents to Switch and entering your sending details, you select certified mail and hit send. It’s that simple.

The best part is you no longer have to deal with those Green Cards. An electronic receipt will be stored in your dashboard so you can know when your mail was delivered with full US Postal Service Tracking.

Data Security

90 years of experience in delivering secure mailing solutions

Leveraging 90 years of experience in delivering secure mailing solutions our online mailing and printing processes adhere to the strictest and highest banking grade security standards.

Switch vs.

See how we compare

All Features Switch
Monthly Subscription Free ($0 per month) $17.99 (per month)
Time wasted preparing mail None. Just upload and press send Time wasted printing, folding, stuffing, stamping, dropping at the post office
Equipment and supplies required None. Fully digital solution
  • Printer
  • Scale
  • Envelopes
  • Ink
  • Paper
Certified Mail Simple fully digital process with in app tracking Complicated manual process

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