Many businesses send lots of physical mail. Oftentimes each piece of mail is unique or personalized, which can lead to the need to prepare the mail in house. But on the other hand, when businesses need to send batch mail, automation can play a huge role in driving more efficiency, freeing up valuable manpower, and lowering costs. With Switch’s robust batch mail functionality, you can take that task off your plate. Let’s dive in.


What is batch mail?

The simplest definition of batch mail is sending the same document to multiple recipients. There can be slight variations and personalization for name, account numbers, etc; but overall, it is the same letter or document.


What are some examples of batch mail?

Many industries send batch mail on a regular basis. There are tons of reasons to send batch mail, but here are a few industry examples to illustrate the use cases:

  • Healthcare: patient information, office notifications, legal communications
  • Real estate: notice to tenants, marketing mail, notice to owners
  • Legal: notifications, past due invoices, marketing mail
  • Non-profits: member mailing, donor mailing, assistance mail
  • Other businesses: customer mailing, employee communication, legal communication


How can Switch help?

Switch makes it super easy and quick to send batch mail. It can be done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Import your recipient’s addresses or fill them in manually
  2. Select the recipients you wish to send a batch mail to
  3. Upload your documents and select your mailing options

This process can take just minutes! And with Switch, you have two options for sending your batch mail: First Class or Certified Mail. As a refresher, First Class is a commonly used way to send mail and is the most cost effective. If you don’t need delivery confirmation or receipts, this is the way to go. On the other hand, if you require records of the document being received, for example with important legal notices where there may be related legal action in the future, it’s best to opt for Certified Mail. This costs a little bit more but is worth every penny if you are required to furnish proof of receipt later on.

Try Switch for free today and see how easy it can be to send batch mail!