Certified mail is a service provided by the USPS that provides the sender with a mailing receipt and that confirms their mail was delivered or that a delivery attempt was made. Traditionally Certified Mail is sent in the Post Office by filling out a Green Card and waiting in line.  However, thanks to technology there are companies, such as Switch, that allow you to send Certified Mail online. 

Sending Certified Mail online is easy and only requires access to a computer and the internet. To send Certified Mail online with Switch you simply upload your document, enter your sending details, select certified mail and hit send.  All your tracking details and notifications will be stored in your Switch dashboard for easy tracking. You no longer have to spend time preparing your mail, driving the Post Office, filling out Green Cards and waiting for those Green Cards to be returned to you. You can save yourself both time and money while ensuring your important documents are delivered. 

The best part about Switch is that it is subscription free, requires no Postage meter or other mailing supplies, no software to download and learn and can be accessed at any time from anywhere.