In the modern world, everyone is always on the go. People are super busy, with packed schedules full of work, socializing with friends, taking care of family, running errands, and more. Given the circumstances, people care more about convenience now than they ever have before. In both personal life and business, seeking out the proper services is crucial to managing your time and making sure you spend it on the things you need to and find services to do the things you don’t have time for.

Technology has truly revolutionized everything that we do. With the advent of the internet, computers, and cellphones, it’s now possible to do tons of things on the go that you were never able to before. These include things like ordering food, buying plane tickets, booking hotels, ordering a taxi, and more. On the business side, you can now snap photos of receipts on your business trip and upload them directly into an expense tracking app without even having to input any information; artificial intelligence scans the receipt and logs all the important data into the system automatically, saving you tons of valuable time. You can also keep in touch with coworkers on the go with mobile email and messaging services like Slack. 

Another great innovation in business productivity on the go is being able to send business mail on the go. Historically, sending business mail – especially certified mail – has been an onerous process. Not only do you have to print the letter, address the envelope, pack and weigh the mail, apply postage, but you also have to physically take it to the post office to ensure you send it certified and get tracking and receipt for proof of delivery. This is so inefficient and antiquated, a process that belongs in the early 1900’s when there were no other options available. 

That’s where solutions like Switch come in. Switch is an online mail service that allows you to send business mail online or from your phone without ever having to print anything, weigh anything, stamp anything, or make trips to the post office (you can kiss waiting in those long lines goodbye!). With Switch’s mobile app, it’s so simple, easy, and quick to send any type of business mail, especially certified mail, from anywhere and anytime. You can save so much time and effort by sending mail that way.

It also ends up being cheaper to send business mail online with a company like Switch. Not only do you not need to have all the paper supplies and printers to handle mailing physical mail, you can save tons of labor hours, therefore freeing up your time for more important things or allowing you to hire less employees to keep your expenses down and profits up.

Still not convinced? Here’s all the things you can do with the Switch mobile app on the go, whenever and wherever is convenient for you:

  • Track and manage your mail on the go 
    • Check the status of your mail
    • Receive alerts when Certified Mail is delivered.
  • Access your Switch account from anywhere 
    • Add and manage funds on the go
    • Invite your network and manage your address book
    • Available 24/7 – no need to pay attention to Post Office open hours
  • Send mail from your phone 
    • Send USPS™ First class mail and Certified Mail with e-signature.
  • Personalize your mail 
    • Print your letter in Black and white or color, one-sided or two-sided
    • Choose among 3 different envelope sizes
    • Preview your letter and envelope before mailing letters

Now that are convinced, here’s how Switch is different from the other online mail service providers out there:

  • No subscription: there is no monthly subscription, no yearly rental, no lease contracts, no set-up fees.
  • Security: Our printing facility uses banking grade security protocols, confidentiality, and is completely automated.
  • Confidentiality & Privacy: Our mailing process uses secure data encryption technology and is completely automated with no human interaction.

Want to see how Switch can revolutionize your ability to send business mail on the go? Sign up for free today and experience it for yourself. Set up your account and you’ll be able to send your first piece of mail online in less than 5 minutes; import your contacts and send mail with just a few clicks. Join the thousands of happy customers that are sending mail from their phone at their convenience and have forgotten what the inside of a post office even looks like!