While many people think real estate is all about finding new clients, holding open houses, and starting bidding wars, realtors know that their job actually involves a complex financial and legal transaction that requires precision, attention to detail, and good record keeping. This becomes even more imperative when a transaction starts to fail, or after it has completed but there are potential legal issues arising, such as requests for mediation to resolve purchase disputes related to previously undisclosed issues with a property.

When navigating these issues, it’s important for realtors to follow the proper protocols and maintain paper trails using Certified Mail. Sending contract cancellations, summons for mediation, or other important notices using Certified Mail gives your client proof that they’ve taken the necessary, legal steps to get certain processes started. Certified Mail is even a good backup if you sent important documents via another method but you just want to be extra careful.

While certified mail is important, the process of sending certified mail has been a pain. Real Estate professionals have turned to Switch to send their certified mail because it is secure, easy and allows them to never have to go to the Post Office or deal with Green Cards. With Switch, you can electronically receive Proof of Delivery, which is uploaded into your dashboard automatically and is legally equivalent to physical Green Cards. This eliminates the wait and need to find old Green Cards. 

With no subscription, mail preparation elimination, and a pay as you go model, it’s no wonder Real Estate professionals have been turning to Switch more and more for their certified mail needs.