Certified Mail is frequently used by healthcare providers, hospitals, insurance companies, and billing companies to communicate with patients in a secure manner that meets statutory requirements related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. Traditionally, healthcare providers have had to rely on antiquated methods for sending Certified Mail, which is very useful for sending secure documents. However, these methods can be complicated, difficult, expensive, and inefficient. For example, sending Certified Mail in person requires the use of paper proof of receipts called “green cards.” They must be filled out by hand, collected and processed, and sent back to the sender. These cards must be physically stored to be produced at a later date if necessary. This presents a risk to the sender because if the card is lost, they will not be able to prove with evidence that the piece of mail was actually delivered.

With online Certified Mail, things have changed. Now healthcare providers can receive electronic return receipts, called ERRs. Senders can receive these signatures online as proof the letter was received. This is a legally recognized document in court and can provide significant cost savings to the sender over the long term. Common letters that healthcare providers send by Certified Mail are overdue bills, important test results, or dismissal letters. These often require proof of delivery if a lawsuit ever arises at a later date.

Whether a healthcare provider is sending patient records, lab or test results, or other legal documents, the documents and personal health information within them must stay secure. Not only can online mail solutions deliver this, but they can also help healthcare providers stay compliant with federal regulations like HIPAA. HIPAA designates specific methods in which to keep private health information, or PHI, secure and private. Many common communication methods today, like email, are not encrypted nor secure enough to send PHI without violating HIPAA. However, HIPAA specifically designates the US Postal Service as a conduit that can deliver PHI without violating HIPAA. Therein lies the power of sending healthcare notices via regular or certified mail.

However, sending certified mail the old fashioned way is extremely inefficient and costly. In today’s market with increased competition and reduced margins, in today’s competitive market, giving your healthcare organization an edge is important. That’s why switching to an online USPS Certified Mail solution is important.

For example, with Switch, you can electronically receive Proof of Delivery, which is uploaded into your dashboard automatically and is legally equivalent to physical Green Cards. This eliminates the wait and need to find old Green Cards.

There are many other benefits to online mail solutions:

Quick & Easy Preparation:
With Switch’s online platform, you can simply upload your contacts and necessary documents and send mail through USPS with just a few clicks. Select printing and mailing options, like size and Certified Mail, then just hit send! No more manual labor!

Kiss Trips to the Post Office Goodbye
Remember physically taking your mail to the post office, waiting in long lines, and dealing with government bureaucracy first hand? You can kiss that all goodbye! Using online mailing solutions, you never have to go to the Post Office in person again. Save yourself the time and hassle that you can redirect to more productive things.

Advanced Tracking & Storage
Switch offers advanced tracking and electronic return receipts for Certified Mail. This is important evidence that is accepted by the IRS, state tax authorities and courts as the legal equivalent to the USPS Green Card, in electronic or printed format. Never run the risk of losing your physical green card, and the protection it provides from future legal liability, again.

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