In today’s modern world, you can basically do everything online. So why are law firms still going to the Post Office to send mail? There is a way better way, and that’s with an online mail solution.

Without ever stepping foot in a Post Office, you can send mail online or through a mobile app. You still get access to tracking, electronic Proof of Delivery and receipt, and you save time and money by not having to pack, stamp, and mail things yourself. You can even send Certified Mail online. So go ahead and kiss those frequent trips to the post office goodbye!

With online mail solutions like Switch, attorneys can take advantage of all these benefits:

Quick & Easy Preparation

Avoid the hassle of manually filling out USPS forms, packing envelopes, weighing and calculating postage, and physically dropping envelopes in the mail at the Post Office. Instead, you can easily send mail online with a few clicks of a button. Even receive electronic Proof of Delivery directly in your dashboard or via email. These electronic receipts are legally equivalent to paper Green Cards.

Tracking and Proof

Switch offers advanced tracking and electronic return receipts for Certified Mail. This is important evidence that is accepted by the IRS, state tax authorities and courts as the legal equivalent to the Green Card, in electronic or printed format. 

Expense Tracking and Management

Keep a digital record of all your mailing costs to make it easier to bill clients and get accurately reimbursed if needed. 

Check out Switch

Many law firms, from mom and pop shops to the AM100, use Switch to automate and streamline their Certified Mail needs while reducing costs and saving time. To learn more, visit our “How it works” page or create a free account and experience our cutting edge product for yourself!