The festive season is starting to take shape!

On the one hand, it might seem too early to begin organizing holiday marketing campaigns, but on the other, we’re already noticing a pumpkin flavor takeover, so it does seem obvious that the holiday season is drawing near.

We wanted to discuss some best practices for including direct mail in your holiday marketing strategy because it will be here before you know it. We also wanted to give some suggestions for marketing efforts during this joyous season that can increase sales or position you for success in Q1.

Good direct mail campaigns are super important

Since the holidays are all about connections, direct mail is the ideal medium for these seasonal promotions. Your target audience can be personally connected with through direct mail marketing, which is also recognized to maintain their interest longer than email, text messages, or digital ads.

Direct mail is still appropriate at every point of the buyer’s journey:

  • 27% of marketers use direct mail for customer acquisition
  • 20% of companies use direct mail to market to existing customers

Your Christmas marketing approach should be enhanced by direct mail, which shouldn’t be used in isolation. It should be used in conjunction with your digital marketing strategies and, when done right, can boost ROI by 60% and conversions by 40%. Any marketer should be content during the holidays with those figures! 


Holiday campaign ideas according to buyer’s journey stage

Segment and target your customers based on where they are in the funnel or customer journey rather than bombarding them all with the same message. A different approach is needed for someone who is just becoming aware of your brand vs a former consumer you want to win back. 



The beginning of the buyer’s journey, or the top of the marketing funnel, is awareness.

As soon as a potential buyer learns about your business, the journey really starts.

As people look for amazing prices and new shops to find unusual gifts, the holiday season is a perfect time to promote your business. 


Awareness campaign ideas:

  • Mailbox stuffers: Send a holiday postcard introducing your best-selling items that fit in stockings, even if it’s just a straightforward gift card.
  • Christmas gift ideas: Make a gift guide or catalog. For the widest possible audience, this catalog can be both printed and digital.
  • Holiday party playlist: Make a Spotify or YouTube playlist with festive oldies, or go above and beyond and use the song titles to convey a message to your listeners.
  • Spend the holidays with an influencer: Work together to promote your brand to new audiences by utilizing the influencer’s audience. They might be collaborating with you to introduce a new product line, serving as a spokesperson, or joining your company for a number of live or virtual events.
  • (Intentionally) arrive late: So that your marketing materials don’t get overlooked, save your Christmas messaging till after the holidays have passed. Focus on the fact that you waited and are giving them the opportunity to obtain what they truly desire. Even something like, as we enter 2023, enjoy 23% off your first purchase would do.



It’s time to generate interest in a certain product or collection after they are aware of your brand. The ideal holiday marketing strategy will pique their interest and encourage them to visit your website to find out more about your product options, costs, and special offers.

Interest campaign ideas:

  • A wishlist: Include your best-selling products with customer endorsements or reviews in a postcard or letter you send to people who are just beginning to show interest in your products.
  • No cost wrapping: As an added incentive to shop with your company during the holidays, offer to gift wrap purchases.
  • Holiday photo contest on social media: With a gift or contest on social media with a theme, generate attention. Invite potential clients to vote on their photo by sharing it with their followers, or just enter them in a competition to win a free item or service from you.
  • 12 days of treats: Create a nurture campaign with a Christmas theme where interested parties can receive free access to typically gated content to learn more about your brand and its offers. You could even include some free goodies and allow them to promote your brand on your behalf.



When a client is considering your offer, you have already determined their issue and presented a viable solution. It’s time to show that your company is the greatest choice for them at this point.

Consideration campaign ideas:

  • Letters from Santa: Reverse it and send your prospects a letter explaining why Santa would like to bring them your goods or service but is unable to do so and instead is sending them a coupon code for a discount.
  • Weather-related campaigns: Encourage people who are still debating to take the jump by providing discounts and offers that are based on the weather, such as 32% off when it is below freezing.
  • Holidays spent at home: Put together user-generated content (UGC) that is video-based and create a fake home movie with your satisfied clients as the stars. Another option is to have a customer success or support professional read client letters in front of a blazing fire, ideally with some roasting chestnuts.
  • Live videos or webinars with a holiday theme: Create entertaining and joyful webinars or present live videos that highlight the holiday season. Is your brand available in stores? Consult a fashion expert for advice on how to dress for various holiday occasions. Is your company a beverage manufacturer? Share entertaining holiday cocktail recipes and give step-by-step instructions. After that, you can send a holiday greetings postcard that includes the recipe and a QR code for a discount on their subsequent purchase.
  • Holiday pop-ups: Use a vibrant and colorful pop up with an additional discount or promo code to entice your prospects to act right away or at the very least sign up for future emails as they browse the content on your website.
  • Combinations for the holidays: To stimulate larger purchase orders, you can also combine promos or discounts. They might be eligible to receive a free gift or gift card if they spend a particular amount, which they can retain for themselves or give to a special someone.
  • Pre-book discount: Prospects might want to take advantage of Christmas discounts, but if they work in B2B, they might not have the money to do so this year. Allow them to schedule a meeting for the next quarter; if they proceed, they will be locked into the reduced price.
  • He sees you not when you’re sleeping but when you abandon your cart: Remind potential customers that they have products in their cart or that they need to come back to your website to complete their purchase by using remarketing techniques like retargeting advertisements, abandoned cart emails, or direct mail postcards.



These days, retaining customers is crucial for a business to succeed. Focusing on retention implies valuing the consumer for holiday marketing.

Retention campaign ideas:

  • Holidays came early: Express your gratitude to your clients by granting them early access to a promotion or an additional discount. You might even borrow a concept from the interest area and offer to gift-wrap any gifts they buy, figuring that if they love your business, their friends probably would, too.
  • Swag bag gift bag: Offer a limited-time gift bag with a purchase that includes some of your best products to demonstrate how much you truly love them as a customer. You can impose conditions, like requiring a minimum purchase or requiring them to visit the store in person, but regular consumers find it difficult to resist the allure of freebies.
  • Referral/BOGO: According to consumer surveys, 32% of consumers who shared direct mail with friends and family also shared coupons. Half of consumers said they occasionally or frequently do this. Offer a referral program where each friend or family member who purchases from your company receives stacked discounts, or allow your regular customers to do the shopping and run a BOGO deal so they can share the goods themselves. Another approach to run a BOGO promotion is to give away or keep a gift card with every purchase made over a particular amount.
  • Peek into Santa’s workshop: Invite your customers to a live video or video tour of your offices and warehouses so they can take a glimpse inside Santa’s workshop, learn how their favorite products are manufactured, and get to know the manufacturers.


Improve your holiday marketing with direct mail

This holiday season, instead of just letting it snow, create a fantastic direct mail campaign to go along with your digital marketing strategies, and let it send!

Now is the moment to try Switch if you’re prepared to include an efficient direct mail campaign in your Christmas marketing plan. Switch can show you how simple it is to automate the direct mail marketing process in order to improve relationships with your prospects and customers and increase ROI. Try it for free today!