Most Frequently Asked Questions

About Switch

Q: What is Switch?

A: Switch is a web mailing service that allows you to send, remotely print and post your documents from your web browser to any US domestic address.

Q: What kind of file format can I upload?

A: You can upload a .pdf and .docx file format document.

Q: Can I upload different paper format sizes?

A: The app currently supports only US letter size that is 8½ × 11 inches.

Q: Can I send more than one document in a letter?

A: You can send up to 4 documents (Adobe PDFs and/or Microsoft Word documents format) in a letter. For PDF documents the file size must be 40mb or less and for docx the files size must be 10mb or less. For PDF + Docx the max file size is 10mb

Q: Can I sign up for an account if living outside the US?

A: Yes, you can sign up and use our services from anywhere. However, Switch is intended for domestic mail so you must have a sender address in the US.

Q: Do I need a postage meter to use Switch

A: No

Q: Which types of envelopes do you provide?

A: We use 3 types of envelope as follow:

  • Small: Two windows documents are tri-folded, Format: 4.125”x9.5”, max 4 pages (one-sided)
  • Medium: Two windows, documents are bi-folded, Format: 6”x9.5”, max 12 pages (one-sided)
  • Large: One big window (for sender and recipient), documents are not folded, Format: 9.5”x12.5”, max 49 pages (one-sided

Q: Why is it easier to send mail with Switch?

A: Switch removes all the hassle that is typically associated with sending mail. We handle the envelope, stamps and sending of your mail. This means you no longer have to manage mailing supplies, deal with postage meters or take trips to the Post Office.

Q: How can a business save time mailing online?

A: A business can save time mailing online because they will no longer have to go to the Post Office, spend timing stuffing envelopes or time managing their mailing supplies.

Q: Do I need multiple log-ins for different users in an office?

A: You can invite your team to one Switch account. Each team member will have their own login but all your mail, costs and address book will be accessible and managed in one account.

Q: How do I upload my address book with Switch?

  • Organize your contacts into an excel file
  • Upload the excel file into Switch
  • Switch will verify the address with free USPS Address Verification & Correction
  • Review your address and import

Q: How is Switch different from

A: With you have to stuff your own envelopes, manage your postage supplies, and take your mail to the Post Office. With Switch we take care of all of this for you. No time wasted at the Post Office, no need to manage mailing supplies, and no time spent preparing mail.   You can see our full breakdown here.


Certified Mail

Q: How long does it take to send certified mail?

A: Typically certified mail with first class mail delivery will take between 3-10 business days to be delivered.

Q: Can I send certified mail online?

A: The easiest way to send certified mail online would be to use Switch. Once you upload your document and input the sender and recipient details you select  certified mail and Switch takes care of the rest.

Q: What is certified mail?

A: Certified mail is a service offered by USPS that provides the sender with a mailing receipt and electronic verification when the mail is delivered.

Q: Can I send certified mail with Switch?

A: Yes, you can send certified mail via Switch. After uploading your document and inputting all the details you select certified mail during the checkout process.


Priority Mail

Q:Why Priority Mail?

A: Sending Priority Mail with Switch is a smart choice for several reasons. First, it’s perfect for urgent needs. With our service, your mail piece can be printed and mailed on the same day you submit it (if submitted before 12:00pm est), and delivered to any destination in the US within one to three business days. Second, it’s eye-catching and sure to grab attention. Finally, it’s a traceable option, with free real-time USPS Tracking included for added peace of mind.

Q: How does Priority Mail tracking work?

A: When you use Switch, USPS Tracking service is free. You have online access to the date, time and ZIP Code of delivery. There’s no waiting, you will know when your message arrived in the recipient’s mailbox.

Q: When is it the right occasion to send Priority mail?

A: For time-sensitive and important documents like legal paperwork, contracts, and urgent business mail, choose a mailing option that ensures quick and secure delivery.

Q: When will my Priority Mail be sent?

A: Submit orders by 12 PM ET on a business day (including Saturday) for same-day printing and mailing, subject to volume limits. Orders received after 12 PM ET will be processed and mailed by the next business day at the latest.


Priority Mail Express

Q: Why Priority Mail Express?

A: Sending Priority Mail Express with Switch makes perfect sense for several reasons. Firstly, it’s urgent – your mail can be printed and dispatched on the same day you submit it*, and delivered to most metropolitan US addresses overnight. Additionally, Priority Mail Express offers a money-back delivery guarantee for most destinations in the US. Secondly, it’s traceable with free real-time electronic USPS Tracking included. Lastly, it’s economical – there are no set-up fees or minimum volume requirements, and you can mail overnight to most locations in the United States.

Q: When is the right occasion to send Priority Mail Express?

A: Switch to Priority Mail Express for all your sensitive and urgent communication needs. This service is perfect for delivering time-sensitive documents, legal paperwork, contracts, and other urgent business mail. Priority Mail Express provides a money-back delivery guarantee for most US destinations. Trust us to deliver your most important communications with the speed and reliability you need.

Q: How does Priority Mail Express tracking work?

A: When you use Switch, USPS Priority Mail Express tracking service is free. You have online access to the date, time and ZIP Code of delivery. There’s no waiting, you will know when your message arrived in the recipient’s mailbox

Q: When will my Priority Mail Express be sent?

A: We understand the importance of timely delivery, which is why we strive to process all orders as quickly as possible. Orders submitted before 10 AM Eastern Time on a business day, including Saturdays, are printed and mailed the same day. Orders submitted after 10 AM ET will be printed and mailed no later than the next business day.

For those who require even faster service, we offer Guaranteed Next Day Service to most major metropolitan US ZIP Codes. However, it’s important to note that delivery guarantees for destinations outside of urban areas typically reflect two-day delivery and up to three days for rural destinations.

Please be aware that Priority Mail Express is not delivered on Sundays, but we’ll do our best to ensure your mail reaches its destination as quickly as possible. Trust us to deliver your important communications with the speed and reliability you need.

Security & Privacy

Q: How Secure is Switch?

A: The security of your data is our highest priority. Each Switch production facility routes documents using a secure and completely automated process. The elimination of manual labor and human error allows for guaranteed reliability and decreased delivery time. Switch and its state-of-the-art production facilities provide the highest level of security and service:

  • Data transfer by secure protocol (SSL) identical to those used for banking transactions
  • 24/7 surveillance ensures operational continuity
  • Electrical infrastructure with back-up generators
  • Fire prevention measures

Q: Do you read documents/letters uploaded?

A: Regarding the content of the mail you will send when using our application, we will behave as your data processor. This means that we, and any sub-processor, will not access the content unless formally instructed by you for customer service purposes.

Q: How do I prevent unauthorized use?

A: Only users you invite to Switch will be able to send mail from your account. If an employee leaves your company you can remove them from your Switch account.

Q: How do I prevent employee fraud?

A: With Switch you are able to track each transaction to each individual user. You have the ability to see how much a user is spending and how often they are sending mail. Having access to this information can help you detect any irregularities in mailing cost and to help detect fraud.


How long will it take for the letter to be delivered?

Your mail should be delivered within 5 business days. It will take us 2 business days (max) to handle your document (document printing, folding, inserting, applying postage) and to send it to the USPS. The USPS First Class Mail service has a 1-5 business days estimated delivery lead time. The USPS First-Class Mail is not a guaranteed service. More info from USPS here.

Due to COVID-19 and USPS employee availability, there may be temporary delays to some mail delivery. More information here

Q: Can I post internationally?

A: At the moment we only deliver letters in the USA.

Q: When will the recipient receive the letter?

A: Switch produces and sends out mail to the USPS within two working days of documents being uploaded.


Q: How do I get a refund?

A: We will be happy to help, please get in touch with our customer service here or email us at [email protected].

Q: What payments are accepted?

A: You can pay and add funds to your account via any accepted Visa, Mastercard, American Express, debit cards and PayPal.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: You can start using our app for free. There are no monthly fees, credit required, commitments or minimum usage. You only need to pay when you want to post a letter.


USPS Questions

Q: What is the USPS holiday schedule?

A: USPS will be closed the following days in 2023:

  • New Year’s Day: Monday, Jan. 2
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Monday, Jan. 16
  • Presidents Day/Washington’s Birthday: Monday, Feb. 20
  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 29
  • Independence Day: Tuesday, July 4
  • Labor Day: Monday, Sept. 4
  • Columbus Day: Monday, Oct. 9
  • Veterans Day: Friday, Nov. 10
  • Thanksgiving: Thursday, Nov. 23
  • Christmas: Monday, Dec. 25

Q: What is USPS Address Verification & Correction?

A: USPS Address Verification & Correction is an automatic system that checks the recipient address and corrects (if necessary) to help ensure delivery. Switch offers this feature for free when you send mail via our app.

Q: Does USPS sell stamps online?

A: Yes, USPS sells stamps online. You can order stamps by visiting

Q: What is the value of a forever stamp?

A: Forever stamps can be used to mail a one ounce letter regardless of when the stamp was purchased. Forever stamps are currently 55 cents. While forever stamps are great because you can always use them to send mail, they still become a hassle to manage. Switch makes it so you don’t have to manage forever stamps or other postage supplies. Leave the stuffing, stamping and sending to us.

Q: Should I use a postage meter?

A: The answer to this question depends on the volume, frequency and current cost of sending mail.  You also should think about the additional costs associated with a postage meter such as the rental fee, maintenance fee and mailing supply costs. Another thing to keep in mind is who will be sending mail for your company? Will it be multiple people? Just one? Do they work from home on occasion? If you have multiple people who need a postage meter and they are working from home then you’ll need multiple postage meters. So while we can’t tell you if you should get a postage meter or not we encourage you to look at all the factors to decide if a postage meter will save you money or cause you more hassle.

Q: Does USPS sell postage meters?

A: In order to obtain a postage meter you will need to either rent or lease one from a dealer. The USPS authorizes only a few companies to manufacture and supply postage meters and you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to utilize the meter.  Fees will range depending on the features and services you decide to go with. Also, monthly fees typically do not include the cost of maintenance for fixing any issues that may arise with the meter. While postage meters can become a lot to manage, with Switch you don’t need to worry about that. There is no need to rent a postage meter or purchase mailing supplies when you send mail via Switch.

Q: What is the difference between first class and standard mail?

A: The mail differences between first class and standard mail have to do with price, speed and type of mail being sent. First class mail is typically delivered in 1-5 business days and is used for personal or business mail. Standard mail is typically reserved for advertisements or mass mailing campaigns. It’s much cheaper than first class mail but there is no delivery guarantee date and takes longer to deliver than first class mail.  Switch supports First Class Mail.