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It’s no secret that financial consultants are constantly sending mail. Between the endless documents and invoices sent to clients, it’s obvious why Switch’s services could be beneficial to any accountant, auditor or bookkeeper. Whether you are sending financial records or audit reports, Switch is sure to make any financial consultant’s life much easier! We decided to break down the specifics of why financial consultants and Switch are a match made in heaven.


We get it. As an accountant, you have the daunting responsibility of ensuring all financial records and statements are in line with laws, regulations, and generally accepted accounting principles. On top of that, you must also resolve any discrepancies or irregularities found in records, statements, or documented transactions. There is a high volume of paperwork going through your hands, and it all needs to be accurate. This is where Switch can step in! Allow us to save the day. Send mail electronically, any time, any where. You can even track your mail, verify the address, and share an account with multiple users! Accountants – do yourselves a favorite and choose Switch for your office today. 


Auditors – you all are crushing it, and we see you! The amount of documents flowing through your office is no joke. Between examining records, reports, operating practices, and documentation, verifying assets and liabilities, and completing audit work papers and more, you’ve got a ton on your plates. Switch was made for people just like you! Getting caught in the overwhelm of mailing paperwork can truly take a toll. We created our services to bring you ease and convenience, so you can get back to what uplifts YOU. Switch’s services allow all of your documents to be sent with the push of a button! We are even offering new payment methods, as well as batch mailing options. There truly is no limit when it comes to Switch’s benefits!


Another paperwork-heavy industry, bookkeeping requires intense attention to detail and accuracy. Bookkeepers are recording financial transactions, maintaining financial records, fact checking financial data and updating financial statements. When choosing Switch for their office, bookkeepers can organize and perfect their mail in a matter of seconds, so they can focus more on their clients and less on trivial tasks. With Switch, bookkeepers can streamline their mailing process so nothing falls through the cracks. The best part is? Switch is available 24/7 and requires no training to use!

Make The Switch Today!

Financial consultants – it’s clear that Switch would be a lifesaver for anyone and everyone in your office. And with the ability to upload documents directly from your computer or mobile phone, you can get all of your documents out the door no matter where or when you send it! So what are you waiting for? Choosing Switch is not only simpler – it’s smarter too! You can relax and have more time for yourself AND perfect your mailing process all with Switch. It’s time you sign up today, and start sending mail right away!

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