Technical Specifications And Features

Postal services

First-class Mail®

Certified Mail®

• First-Class Mail®

• Certified Mail®

Envelope types supported

#10 (4.125” x 9.5”)

6” x 9.5”

Flat (9.5”x12.5”)

Window envelope Format

Two Windows

(for return address &
recipient address)

Two Windows

(for return address &
recipient address)

One Window

Document fold



No fold

Max number of pages per envelope

Max 4 sheets:

4 pages one-sided or 8
pages two-sided

Max 12 sheets:

12 pages one-sided or 24
pages two-sided

Max 49 sheets:

49 pages one-sided or 98
pages two-sided

Types of Documents

• Pdf and docx formats

• 4MB max file size

Printing colors

• Color

• Black & White

Paper type

US Letter (8,5” x 11”)

0.176 pounds

Printing sides

• One sided

• Two sided

Address book import

.xlsx file supported

Automatic address Correction

USPS® verification

Mailing list creation

Yes, unlimited

Send to multiple recipients

Yes, up to 200 recipients
at the same time

Multi-user management

Yes, unlimited number
of users within one account

Payment methods

• Credit / Debit cards

• PayPal

Multiple document inserts

Up to 4 documents

Tracking Services

• Basic tracking:

Letters submitted &
letters sent

• Advanced tracking:

Certified Mail® with
electronic return receipt

Reporting (Main dashboard)

• Number of letters submitted

• Time saved

• Funds used

• Funds available

Mailing activity history

• Letter ID

• Status

• Document name

• Date submitted

Expenses tracking

• Letter ID

• Date

• Type (debit/credit)

• Amount


• Monthly statement


• Order summary


Mobile Application

• Access your Switch
account from anywhere

• Send and manage
business mail on the go

• Monitor the status of
your mail