In the market for or thinking about a postage meter? Make sure you watch out for the tricks that some postage meter vendors try that can cost you time and money.  Switch did the research and we’ve outlined some of the most common issues you should look for. 

  1. Hidden fees or costs: Before signing the contract and making it official with your postage meter, ask about the total cost of ownership. Knowing if you need to pay for rate updates, equipment, maintenance, postage labels, or print head replacements will help you understand the full cost of the meter.  You’ll want to also have an idea of the monthly supply cost, including things like ink, tapes, sealing fluids and other supplies.  Don’t forget to ask about things like cancelation fees, rental rate increases or other fees they may have “forgotten to mention”.
  2. Fine print surprises: Make sure you read the fine print of your contract. Don’t assume your vendor is being 100% upfront and transparent with you.  The last thing you want is to get 6 months into a contract and realize you’ve been bamboozled.  Highlight any sections of your contract you are unsure about and have a colleague review the contract as well.  
  3. Disappearing Representatives: You’ll want to make sure that you choose the right business partner when it comes to your mailing solution. The reason being is this is a long term partnership that will evolve as your business needs change. Make sure to ask about where support staff may be located, read reviews online and ask to speak to current customers. 
  4. No transparency: Postage meters and the companies that sell them are not all the same. You’ll want to evaluate the company to ensure they understand and can fulfill your business needs. Compare meters, and read reviews about quality, price transparency and customer service. 

Not sure a postage meter is right for you or don’t want to deal with the hassle? Give Switch a try for free.  Our no subscription, pay as you go mailing solution doesn’t lock you into any long term contracts and gives you the freedom to only pay when you send mail.