Financial professionals send a lot of mail, some of which needs to be tracked and proof of delivery received. Documents such as notice to owner, debt collection, changes to retirement plans, financial advisor change fees and notices to suspend services are often sent via certified mail. 

Certified mail is a service offered by the Post Office  that provides the sender with a mailing receipt or electronic verification that their mail was delivered  or that a delivery attempt was made. Certified mail can be taken one step further and request a return receipt.  A return receipt is either in the form of a postcard (Green Card) signed by the recipient or an e-mail with an electronic copy of the recipient’s signature. 

Financial professionals opt to use certified mail for financial documents because of the extra level of tracking and proof of deliverability that certified mail offers.  If you need to ensure financial documents are delivered and proof of delivery for legal reasons then Certified Mail will be your best bet.  

For financial professionals looking to save time by eliminating mail preparation and trips to the Post Office you can send Certified Mail online. Companies, such as Switch, allow you to upload your documents, enter your sending details, select Certified Mail and send directly from your dashboard. The best part is you’ll be sent the electronic return receipt and won’t have to deal with Green Cards anymore. If you’re ready to send your financial documents certified mail via our secure platform, sign up for an account and get started today. No subscription, no postage meters and no need to manage mailing supplies.