Mail Many Letters At Once

Send the same document or letter to multiple recipients automatically.

What Is Batch Mail?

Batch Mail is perfect if you find yourself sending the same document to multiple recipients.

With Switch you are able to upload your document, select your mailing list and mail out the document to everyone in less than 5 minutes.

No more printing out hundreds of letters, stuffing envelopes and going to the Post Office. Batch mail by Switch makes your mailings easy.

What Can You Send Via Batch Mail?

From invoices to customer communication, here are a few ways our customer’s are using Batch mail.

Real Estate Notice To Tenants Marketing Mail Notice To Owners
Healthcare Patient Information Office Notifications Legal Communication
Legal Legal Notifications Past Due Invoices Marketing Mail
Non-profit Organizations Member Mailing Donor Mailing Assistance Mail
Other Businesses Customer Mailing Employee Communication Legal Communication

Batch Mail Sending Options

How To Send Batch Mail From Switch

  • Import your recipient’s addresses or fill them in manually.
  • Select the recipients you wish to send a batch mail to.
  • Upload your documents and select your mailing options.

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