With all the communication methods available today, physical mail still plays a big role in how businesses communicate with their vendors and customers. There are certain mail items such as financial and tax documents, legal notices, overdue collections, time-sensitive notifications and many other important documents, that require hard copies and proof of delivery. This is where certified mail comes in. It’s a service offered by USPS that gives you the ability to ensure your mail was delivered. You can also restrict the delivery to specific addresses, age groups or authorized agents.

The benefits of certified mail are endless but here are our top reasons why you should send certified mail online.

  1. Makes mail prep easier: Just because you have to send a financial packet or contract through the mail doesn’t mean you have to prepare it yourself or go to the Post Office. Using a service like Switch you can simply upload your document, enter the address details, select certified mail and send it right from your desktop.
  2. Using an electronic Return Receipt is cheaper: Typically when sending certified mail you pair it with a return receipt so you get proof the mail was received. As proof you can select a hard-copy or a digital one. A digital copy is called an electronic return receipt. The electronic receipt cost $1.10 less than the hard copy. When sending your certified mail online you always use an electronic Return Receipt.
  3. Offers advanced tracking: No more waiting, guessing or hoping your mail has arrived. The return receipt that goes along with certified mail means your mail pieces are tracked and updated online. Track your mail directly from your desktop.
  4. Proof of mailing and delivery: Some industries have regulatory or compliance requirements that mean certified mail is essential. By using certified mail you will have proof that your documents were sent, along with a tracking number and a return receipt to show it was delivered.
  5. Extra layer of accountability: The ability to track your mail from your desktop means you can keep your customers and clients updated in real time about the location and estimated delivery of their documents.
  6. Stores records digitally: One of the reasons why people send certified mail is for the return receipt. You can easily access your receipts securely from the cloud. This means you no longer have to keep or request copies of the hard-copy return receipts. Any receipt you need will be quickly accessible when you need it. You can store the documents as PDFs with the name of the document, client name and date of delivery.

Looking for a certified mail solution? Look no further. Try Switch today. Send certified mail online, track the status of your mail and get an electronic return receipt when it’s delivered.