Running a business is often stressful and challenging. There are so many competing priorities and deadlines to contend with and so many details to stay on top of. Managing business objectives, employees, clients and customers can get overwhelming. But there are some tried and true strategies for ensuring that your business runs smoothly, especially by increasing productivity of your workforce and your business itself. Here are 3 important strategies for improving your business productivity.

Prioritize, focus, and forget about perfection

Ensuring your business prioritizes the most important and impactful work is extremely important to business success. Toward the end of every fiscal year, your business should go through a planning exercise for the following fiscal year where you brainstorm strategies for the upcoming year and set goals and objectives. Once alignment has been achieved at the highest level of management, those strategies, goals, and objectives should trickle down to the mid level management and individual contributor levels. Each person should set goals that ladder up to their department goals and company wide goals. 

This exercise ensures that your entire organization is working toward the same goals; it also helps workers focus on what’s important. In the course of everyday business, there can be new projects and priorities that pop up. Without proper alignment across the company, it can be very easy for employees to take their eye off the prize and work on projects or initiatives that do not support the company’s goals. But with published strategies, employees can easily cross reference new projects with existing goals to understand whether the new project actually supports a company goal or is just taking their focus away. 

Winston Churchill once said: “perfection is the enemy of progress”. This is important advice for businesses and employees to take to heart. It’s easy to keep iterating on a project or initiative, hoping to perfect it before launching or selling. But this frequently slows down progress; many times, moving forward with something that is good gives you the opportunity to get feedback from your customers and to further improve in the future.

Show your employees you care

In today’s hyper competitive labor market, it is more important than ever to keep your employees happy and morale high. Nothing can cripple a well-run organization more than mass turnover and employee attrition; when tenured employees quit en masse, they take important historical knowledge and process know-how with them. Even replacing these employees quickly won’t help plug that gap, and that’s why keeping your employees content is critical.

Companies are trying novel tactics to boost employee engagement and happiness. These range from additional paid vacation days, more perks or better benefits. It even can go as far as 1 to 2 week forced business closure, where all employees stop working for a specified period of time. This encourages employees to truly disconnect, as they know they aren’t falling behind while on vacation like they normally would.

Increasing salaries and benefits to retain workers is also a very effective strategy. In the tight labor market, workers can frequently get sizable compensation increases by switching jobs, so preempting the desire to explore their options is paramount.

Empower your organization with the right tools

A business can have amazing products, smart employees, aligned strategy and goals, but still not be successful without the right tools. From communication, project management, collaboration, and operations, choosing and using the right tools is necessary to a business’s success.

Helping your employees do their work more efficiently and save time is the main purpose of business tools. Some of the most popular productivity tools are:

-Google Workspace for collaboration

-Slack for communication

-Asana for project management

-Switch for mail operations

Switch is an online certified mail provider. For businesses that send mail or certified mail frequently, a service like Switch can save tons of time and money. Sending certified mail usually requires trips to the post office and wasting precious minutes printing, packing, weighing, and sending mail. But you can kiss those trips to the Post Office goodbye! 

With Switch, you are able to send certified mail online without ever having to leave the office. With Switch you can upload your documents, select certified mail and hit send from the comfort of your own home. You can feel good knowing that you can be sure your mail is delivered and have the receipts easily accessible if you need them. 

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